Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm Moving my blog!

In our new GT Channel 1.0 site we have blog functionalities. I've been super busy with the new site and that's the reason why I haven't been able to blog recently here. GT channel has a whole line up of social networking features including blogging so being the owner of GT Channel, naturally I'll be moving my blog over there to my account.

But for those of you who have wandered onto this old blog, (yeah now its suddenly the "old" site)below is a widget from the blog on GT Channel with all of my posts. Come check out my new blog!

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Here a Skyline GT-R Spy video enjoy!All New Skyline GT-R Spy Shots 1 of 3

Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Blog Widget Test

we are testing the new GT Channel site. I am testing here if I can really export a "blog post widget" from my blog on the new site. Yes the new site enables users to make their own blogs in addition to watching and uploading videos. Actually not just blogging but they can network among other users, make groups, share media etc. It is really going to be cool and we can't wait to launch it officially. Those of you who have found it on the web already just bear with us as we work out the glitches. It will replace the current site very shortly.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

from lax

Sitting in lax waiting for my delayed plane to depart. Actually this is my first ever post from my black berry. I have no idea how I am going to up load a photo of my sad looking gate...
Going to Vegas tonight not to party but to study. Out of all things to do in Vegas...
Google is throwing this seminar for Adwords. I thought I'd might as well learn more about this black art of optimizing our Adwords advertisement.
Lets see how it goes...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

E! van

Went to the E! building today for a meeting.

I was asked "are you auditioning for the guys cooking show?" as I was waiting in the lobby. I should've gone since I would've loved to show them my mean natto (fermented Japanese soy beans) and rice bowl. They probably would have called security as soon as I opened the package of natto. Natto smells like...garbage basically. But it's good food.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Primedia Enthusiast Titles Sold for $1.2 Billion

Buyer Source Interlink to Form Full-Service Media Company

NEW YORK ( -- Source Interlink Cos., the home- entertainment distributor, this afternoon said it agreed to buy Primedia's enthusiast-media division,
Primedia's enthusiast division, just sold to Source Interlink Cos., includes 70 magazines, 90 websites and 60 event programs.
which includes magazines such as Hot Rod and Motor Trend, for $1.2 billion.

Full article on Advertising Age

So giant mag publisher gets sold off for $1.2B. Same day Chrysler is sold to Cerbus Capital Management for $7.45B. Either Primedia got a killer deal or the automaker got low balled big time. But then again Google bought Youtube for $1.6B which everyone thought was the same thing as flushing your money down the toilet.
Especially when Viacom charges a $1B lawsuit against Youtube the second after it's bought by Google.

Drifting vidoes on American Touge 3: Drift Bible Project D

If you know that drifting videos are good for you, then head over to and check out Drift Bible Project D Online. The first drift video is up and ready for your peeing eyes. We'll have more updating for anyone who wants to catch the drift.

This is our first attempt to truly cross over internet video content with DVD. Part 1 is on GT Channel and the Part 2 is on the DVD. Each segment is independently entertaining and is a segment on its own. We can't fit everything in the DVD so this is another chance for our viewers to enjoy our videos free online! Enjoy.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

American Touge 3 DVD release (2)

Our latest release DVDs arrived to the office just a while ago. Besides the AT segment which has now become an annual event at Willowsprings, we also have something interesting called the Drift Bible Project D in this DVD. In this segment Daisuke Ito challenges the art of drifting. The segment is divided in two parts. You can see Part 1 on and Part 2 on the DVD.
We hope everyone enjoys this DVD. We did.
Go to for more info.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Formula D Long Beach

We have a new Formula D Long Beach feature page up on GT Channel. There will be 5 video clips on the feature page. I shot all of the videos on this page. I'm usually not the one to shoot video for our production but it was a good experience. Especially when you have a good editing guy like our Katsu Takahashi anything can look pretty damn good. Enjoy!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Lexus Scoop Road Rage?

What we thought would be a quick run to Mitsuwa food store in Torrance for some udon noodles became a near accident when our GT Channel Autonews Blog editor found some mysterious looking cars in front of him...

GT Channel Autonews Blog

Picked up by Autoblog:

Picked up by Jalopnik:

FD Long Beach Video by Belle One


Here is a nice clip we found on GTC. Thanks to Belle One!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

BMI Caster Daisuke Ito wins Super GT Okayama!

American Touge 3 DVD release

AT3 DVD goes on sale on April 30th, 2007.
Go to

Saturday, April 21, 2007

GT Channel Mirror

Only natural to have the GT Channel logo on the side mirrors.
GT Channel is all about blowing by cars and leaving them behind in your mirrors.

Thanks to Garpot Studios for a great pic.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

We visited for a meeting. lounge. They have 40 feet long coffee counter!

Did you know that Edmunds was founded in 1966?!

Open air office. Kind of reminded my old days when I used to work in Ohtemachi as a "salary man". I liked all of the colors in the office. Very startup like with lots of space.

Cadillac bench. Lots of fun things in the office.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

USC Trojans Football

Most of you that know me personally are aware that I love cars but football is my passion. I played high school ball in Houston Texas where I grew up and college ball at Waseda University in Tokyo. This past weekend a few players and two coaches from Waseda came to visit USC here in LA. I helped them with logistics like booking hotels etc., and went to USC with them during the weekend.

Practice field

USC spring scrimmage

Trojan Horse

Waseda Players with coach Sam Anno

With head coach Pete Carroll

Japanese football still has a long way to go so coming to somewhere like USC to learn and absorb as much as possible was a great experience for Waseda. Waseda had been to USC 2 years ago too. Last year Waseda invited a coach to Tokyo for about a week. I hope this relationship continues as there is always so much to learn.
When I was still playing for Waseda we had the privilege of going to Yale for a whole week and practicing with the Yale coaches. Later in the week we played Keio Univ at Harvard stadium. That week Keio had practiced with the Harvard coaches for one week. Scheduling and economic constraints prevented the entire team to visit but I am confident those that came will take back everything they learned here.

GT Channel/Best Motoring videos now available on BitTorrent

Best Motoring Intl. videos are now available for downloading via BitTorrent. Yes legally.
You can buy a 90 min DVD for $9.99 or rent it for $2.99.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

American Touge 3 DVD Trailer

Formula D Long Beach 2007

Went to FD Long Beach on Saturday. Usually I'm not the videographer at events but this time I thought I'd give it a shot. GT Channel needs to be light and nimble for small productions and event coverage like this. For Best Motoring we can have huge productions.
Here's our Best Motoring flags at the Live Sockets booth. DVDs and t-shirts are always a popular item at events.
2nd photo is Dai-chan being interviewed by Courtney. Dai got 3rd place overall.

For more info on FD Long Beach go to GT Channel Auto News blog.
We'll have a special feature page with videos soon.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Gymkhana USA

We went to Gymkhana USA this weekend. Half pleasure and half work. I had a camera with me just in case something interesting happened. We brought out the 2008 Mitsubishi and we found Dai Yoshihara at the event with his Rockstar/Nitto drifting team, I had him climb into the Lancer and take it for a few laps. We will get that video footage up soon on GT Channel.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Thursday, March 22, 2007

GT Channel Auto News

Our GTChannel Auto News has a new editor, Tyrone Rodriguez. He's churning out post after post. Check it out as it's 100 times better than when I was attempting to edit auto news.


Here are my Bathing Apes. Love them. I bought them about a year and half ago at the Bathing Ape shop in Harajuku. I hear they are planning on opening a shop in LA soon. The cool thing about Bape is that even though they are a Japanese brand(made in China. But then again what isn't made in China), they have big sizes. Obviously they are targeting the international market. I have large feet considering I am Japanese. My Nikes are 12. But Nike makes their shoes smaller than other brands. These Bape sneaks are 11. I could probably go for 11.5.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bravissimotoring!! Molto Bene!

We have released an Italian version of Best Motoring International in Italy now through our partners in Italy Eurosport Editoriale.
Now Keiichi's drift, testing in Tsukuba and the Touge Showdowns can be appreciated with espresso and panini.

Marc Cuban blog on Youtube Supoena

Marc Cuban Blog

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Viacom Sues YouTube and Google

Right after my rant about Youtube, Viacom announced they are suing YouTube and Google for "massive intentional copyright infringement" of Viacom's entertainment properties. The suit was filed this morning in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York and seeks more than $1 billion in damages.
Viacom sues YouTube and Google, claiming YouTube is making money off of unauthorized copyrighted content, such as Comedy Central's 'South Park.'

"YouTube is a significant, for-profit organization that has built a lucrative business out of exploiting the devotion of fans to others' creative works in order to enrich itself and its corporate parent, Google," said a Viacom statement, issued in concert with the lawsuit.

Totally true. It's time we start sticking it hard to them. It's just wrong.
The part that really bugs me is that they have the capacity to police themselves better but they just aren't. Youtube has no intentions of blocking users from uploading pirated content.
We have filed complaints about Best Motoring several times. With their technology and man power how can they not restrict uploads with tags and titles that have the word "Best Motoring"?
Because if they do, no one will come watch the pirated content on their site. They are a business based on showing pirated content for free.
Their is no difference between Youtube and the guy selling pirated DVDs on the streets.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Visit to Mitsubishi Motors

We had a meeting with Mitsubishi Motors recently

That EVO that was in "the movie".

Hey what do you know a Mitsubishi "i" from Japan! It's one of the best selling kei car(light weight) cars in Japan.

The new Lancer.
The Evolution version(EVO X) is to be released sometime in spring 2008. I like the design of this new Lancer a lot. The style is a lot more sportier than the previous version. The old stock Lancer didn't have much to do with being sporty but I think this new model is.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Best Motoring on Youtube

Best Motoring is all over Youtube. This is a fact. There is no way we can completely avoid this and this is just part of what the internet is all about. But I am not afraid to say it loud and clear that what is happening is illegal.
I am writing this because recently we received one disturbing e-mail. It was from some guy complaining to us that we are demanding Youtube to take down our video clips. Which is true, once in a while we send a letter to Youtube claiming to take down pirated video clips. As a content rights holder we have that right and it is our duty to protect our interest. We have no right to be bitched at for doing this. But realistically there is simply no way for us to police this 100% and we just let most of it go. We need a full team to keep up with the clips that are being uploaded every day. That won't make sense.

Many people mistake us as being some huge conglomerate Japanese media company and none of these free clips on Youtube would actually dent our multibillion dollar revenue and we could go on our way without even flinching. That is a wrong perception.
First go on Youtube and search "best motoring". There are HUNDREDS of videos up. Secondly, we are not a multibillion dollar media company that has a tree that grows $. Thirdly some people think that the internet has nothing to do with decline of DVD sales. It's just an excuse. Hello everyone, why do you think CD sales have continued to slump since the introduction of file sharing on the net? Why are DVDs going down the same path? Because of the internet! Duh!
Many people don't know that Japanese media companies formed a consortium to ban their content on Youtube and request thousands of clips to be deleted.
Oh wait a second, Youtube is for the people and internet is free flow of content. So content holders should give out their stuff free because it belongs to the people that want it. Not.
You want to share everything with everybody and have everything for free? Try giving away all of your stuff for free.
As long as production companies make money selling their content, free flow of content hurts the producers, the actors, the hair dressers and even the prop guy. Because the rule of capitalism is that you gotta pay for good stuff. It has always been that way.
TV looks like it is fee. But it's not. Companies like Coke, Ford and Verizon all pay to have American Idol brought to you. They pay all the bills. On the other hand, Youtube delivers content, puts up ads and takes all the money for themselves. Somethin is wrong here.
If we got a penny for every Best Motoring clip they showed for free, I wouldn't be writing this now. We'd be on a beach sipping pina coladas and discussing which Veyron we should crash test in our next program.
Ok, there are some benefits of having our stuff up there to some extent. But now we have no control over what goes up. Guys are posting full length DVDs. And you want us not to claim this? It hurts us more than anyone because the core business of Best Motoring videos is selling DVDs. If Best Motoring was a TV show, the advertising sales would somewhat cover minimal costs but our first line of sales is selling DVDs.
It's the internet so should we just shut the f+ck up and stop bitching? No way Jose. I'm not going down like some encyclopedia company that couldn't keep up with the times!
Why should small/mid sized content producer continue to produce content when we can no longer monetize from our hard work? It's a bad spiral and I hope they really find a way to give incentives to the producers. Because right now their policy is content producers get free promotion and Youtube keeps the ad sales.
The reality is that you have to break the law to make it big in the internet and sell the company for 1.65 Billion? Just my 2 cents...

Friday, March 09, 2007

Rocking the Best Motoring Tee

Here's me wearing the BMI signature red t-shirt. We actually have a number of different designs available. This red one was one of the very first we made about 5 years ago. The shirts are available online at the BM Store on

Recently we signed a deal with Live Sockets which has them handle all of our DVD distribution and EC logistics. Basically we, Zigzag Asia/Best Motoring International wanted to concentrate on being producers and publishers of the content. It will be more efficient for us as a business to let Live Sockets take care of stocking, taking orders and shipping DVDs and we focus on making cutting edge car content on a regular basis. So this year we are scheduled to at least release 4 DVD quarterly and maybe even one bonus or special edition somewhere in between.
The new DVD coming up in April, American Touge 3 will all be distributed by Live Sockets. These guys have been a great distributor for us in the past and it was just a natural course of action.

But all things digital and on the net will be distributed directly by Zigzag Asia/Best Motoring International. Some very exciting announcements coming up soon on that front. We have some big players in that space taking our content for digital distribution...

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sing Shot Acquired by Electronic Arts

About a year ago I posted on this blog that my friend Ranah Edelin started up Sing Shot. Now they are acquired by Electronic Arts! Here is the news:
Forbes Article on Sing Shot and EA

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The King and I

One of the interesting things about the Drift King is that he really doesn't give a shit what other people say and think about him. You hang out with him long enough and you will see that he pretty much bows to no one. Well ok, he's Japanese so he'll do a courtesy bow here and there but he'll never do anything or say anything he doesn't want to.
You become a super star and it looks like you have a big fargin ego. Well the big fargin ego that the DK has is pretty much well deserved. Drifting would have never become this big around the world if the man did not exist. Tire companies would not have made so much money if there wasn't driftinng. He single handedly raised the premium on 1986 Corolla Levins. He basically founded D1. Taught the world how to drift. Can I stop now?
I heard a funny story recently that he was not chosen as a committee member for the Japan Car of the Year award. The voting people said he wasn't established enough or what not and didn't want to let him in. Basically they wanted to shut him up because the committee was afraid of him going off on how bad some of the cars were. The sponsors of the Awards are, yes the car makers. They didn't want him ragging on certain cars freely like he does in Best Motoring. BM is an independent media so he is allowed to say what ever the hell he wants.
The story gets better. After he was not voted in, he went public with how the committee is corrupt and how bs the way things are run. That sparked some serious flames here and there in the Japanese car media segment. Like I said, the DK doesn't give a whole lot about what others say and think.
There are ofcourse conscequences to things like this and sometimes as a guy who works close to him wishes if he could be a tad bit more "diplomatic" but he isn't about to change his ways. That's why he's the king...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ok so we finally got onto myspace. URL is
We've been asked many times why we are not on myspace. We knew it was something we had to do but just putting it off. Now that I made a GT Channel myspace, I can't get enough of it. I like doing things good if we are going to do it. I actually have/had another myspace account but I have like 3 friends and I was soon bored of doing anything with it. I put more time into posting comments on this blog.
Our GTchannel myspace as of today has 5 people including Tom who you get for free...I've sent out some invites to some friends I know on myspace so we'll see who becomes my friends.
So if you are reading this and have a myspace account be my friend!

I'm still not sure how everything works but I somehow figured out how to redesign my background and get rid of annoying ads that seem to pop up sometimes when you use free coding services. They sneak in funky links and their own ads sometimes. I got rid of those. The myspace profile page is cluttered as it is. Some people say that the cluttered chaotic interface is what makes myspace, myspace. Well what ever it is I like my info clean and sorted as much as possible. Maybe I'm old. Who knows. But it looks like you ain't nobody if you're not on myspace so here it goes.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

My Article in Modified Mag Feb 2007

There is an article I wrote in the February issue of Modified Mag about the Touge Showdown.
By the way our next DVD will be American Touge 3. It's scheduled for release at mid March. An announcement is coming up pretty soon about a new distribution deal which allows us to concentrate more on production and marketing. We are planning on releasing at least 4 DVDs this year on a quarterly basis. Look out here we come!

Visit to HKS USA

I visited HKS USA this week. HKS has been a great partner for us for a while now. We've worked very closely with them when Nob Taniguchi comes to the US since we like to feature him in our videos.
We've worked with HKS for the XDL show and GT Live in Phoenix. In our last DVD Best Motoring International Japan VS USA Drift Off we included a HKS CDROM product catalog. This year we will be working with them for various projects.

Here's a video of Nob Taniguchi, Dai and Lisa at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Cold California

The day we arrived to LA it snowed in Malibu. It has rained almost 5 times in the 4 weeks we have been here. I don't know how the weather is usually around here but it's not as sunny and warm as I imagined. I guess this cold is pretty rare because after we moved in we found out that the heater in our house was beyond repair.
Here in these photos the workers are taking the AC unit off the roof and putting a new one on top. The surprising thing was that the old unit was probably about 30 years old and the new unit was just as big and looked exactly like the old one! Cars have become smaller, radios and music players have become smaller, phones have evolved to be smaller, TVs are thinner. Now why haven't the air conditioner units become smaller? How about the performance?
I hope this new unit delivers more power for the buck. Shouldn't they be more efficient too, just like the other devices that we surround ourselves with?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


WRC Subaru Time Attack on the Touge

I always love it when we have special guests on the touge. It's great to see different genres of motorsports interact.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Setting up the pad

Inside Sony Studios in Culver City

Taku stuffed in the back seat with the flat screen

One of the first things you need in your house is a TV. Especially when you are in the business of selling DVDs. So after we got our new place we headed off to get a TV. You can see we barely fit it in the rental car with our friend Taku in the back seat.
Getting cable here in the US takes so much time. My mistake EVERYTHING here takes so much time.
We still don't have a land line because we are still waiting for the guy to come hook up the house. That was after being put on hold for about an hour to get through to someone. Doing this for cable, electricity and internet can get pretty old. I'm glad we're almost finished with everything...
Starting your life from scratch in a new place can be pretty challenging. I grew up here so I can speak the language but I have not spent any of my adult life living here. Which means no credit. No credit in the US means you get no credit card and no record of any financial status. Basically a baby.
Sometimes you really feel like you were born yesterday. I was just telling some friends of mine today that the people at the grocery store looked at me as I was seriously challenged when I asked them what in earth was "cash back" when I used my new debit card to pay.
In Japan we don't have this. You always have to go to the ATM to retrieve cash. Never at the same time you buy something. I was just trying to pay and they are asking me if I want "cash back". I never gave any cash so why would I want "cash back"? It's more like "cash withdrawl" right? The cashier lady was "so you want cash back or what?".
I was so scared by her glaring at me I was like, "no, no I don't want any cash, thank you and I'm sorry". She would have climbed over the counter to kick my ass if I asked another stupid question about how to use the darn debit card.
Anyway we're getting used to this. Lesson one, just use cash if in doubt.

Searching for Director of Internet Strategy and Online Operations

We are seeking to hire the following:

The Director of Internet Strategy and Online Operations will manage the web presentation of Zigzag Asia websites. Director will be responsible for managing a team of content producers and coordinating other related disciplines. Will set work production schedules with the production team for ongoing production, as well as new projects implementation.
He/she will be responsible for:
1. Developing strategy for the site and overseeing all aspects of goal implementations.
2. Managing website development and day-to-day operations to support superior viewer experience and to incorporate new features and offerings.
3. Serve as a single point of contact with development team (internal or contract) to ensure all tasks are clearly defined and are completed according to schedule.
4. Identifying opportunities for leveraging the website in pursuit of other key objectives including cross-promotion of new products
5. Identifying and executing strategic partnerships to acquire compelling content, features, and online tools that support the website strategy.
6. Update management on the status of all projects especially when there are slowdowns or bottlenecks.
7. Tracking and analyzing site traffic to understand customers' usage patterns and trends and assessing ongoing competitive analysis of high-speed Web sites, content and emerging technologies to continually inform the content strategy and foresee new trends.
8. Building and leading a cohesive, professional staff to support strategy and operational goals
• 5+ years experience managing an online portal with responsibilities including overall portal strategy development, content acquisition, and website development
• Strong knowledge of Website production technologies including HTML, databases and XML if possible, video encoding, extensive contacts in the online space and in depth experience monitoring and evaluating industry trends
• Solid management experience and track record in motivating and building strong teams.
• Strong communications skills and ability to build working relations across all levels of an organization.

Send resumes to

Saturday, February 10, 2007

PRIMEDIA Acquires Modified Automotive Group

NEW YORK, NY —February 8, 2007—PRIMEDIA Inc. (NYSE: PRM), America's leading targeted media company, today announced that its Enthusiast Media Segment acquired Toronto-based VerticalScope Inc.’s Modified Automotive Group (MAG), publisher of Modified Magazine, Modified Luxury & Exotics Magazine, Modified Mustangs Magazine, and their related event partnerships and websites. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

“The Modified Automotive Group has been an outstanding growth company. PRIMEDIA, as a strategic buyer, is ideally positioned to leverage Modified’s assets for growth into the future primarily by cross-selling with PRIMEDIA’s existing brands, and realizing numerous economies of scale, particularly in the areas of sales, production, distribution, and direct mail,” said Steve Parr, President of PRIMEDIA Enthusiast Media.

MAG was founded in July 2002, with the premiere issue of Modified Magazine, a performance magazine for sport compact and import car enthusiasts. MAG has delivered strong revenue growth in each year of its existence. The Modified brand is well known and highly respected by both marketers and enthusiasts.

Modified Luxury & Exotics Magazine was launched in November, 2004, and caters primarily to the high-end market. Modified Mustangs, launched in October 2005, skews toward a younger demographic. All three MAG publications complement PRIMEDIA’s existing assets and broaden PRIMEDIA’s addressable market.

“In addition to the synergies we expect to realize, we intend to expand Modified’s online presence, begin to generate licensing revenue using Modified’s strong brands, and benefit from Modified’s event partnerships,” Parr added.

VerticalScope was represented in the sale by DeSilva & Phillips, LLC.

北米チューニング雑誌出版社のモディファイド社が大手出版社のプライメディアに買収されたというニュースが2日前に発表されました。プライメディアはnasdaqに上場している大手雑誌出版社。特定趣向の中堅雑誌を何誌も持っているトップ10に入る雑誌出版社です。自動車雑誌で有名なのはMotortrendですね。チューニング雑誌で有名なのはSuper StreetやSports compact car。とにかく業界を代表するメディア会社です。
このモディファイド、本社はなんとカナダにあります。チューナー系の情報発信はほとんどアメリカ西海岸なのに。でも一番驚くのはこのモディファイの社長のRob Laidlawはなんと若干25歳。びっくりです。

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Pacific Coast Highway

Life in LA started 2 weeks ago. We finally found a place in Marina Del Rey.
I can get to the office in about 20 minutes going South on the 405. I can also cruise down Pacific Coast Highway. Now that I've found a house, I have to find a car! Still thinking about what to get...

トーランスのオフィスの近くを探しましたが、結局マリーナデルレイにしました。事務所までは高速を使えば20分でいけます。高速を使わない場合はこのPacific Coast Highway通称PCHを南に下っていきます。このPCHはここカリフォルニアの代表的な街道で良く映画などでも登場します。

Toyota Camry has been named 2007 Motor Trend Car of the Year

The all-new Toyota Camry has been named 2007 Motor Trend Car of the Year. Launched in spring 2006, the new Camry offers a major redesign for the 2007 model year.
Check Out GT Channel for the full story:

Me at the Motor Trend office this past week in LA.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tokyo Auto Salon video in association with Temple of VTEC


We just did a Honda video on GT Channel in association with one of the most popular Honda enthusiasts site Temple of Vtec
It is now the second most watched video on GT Channel. Spoon's Ichishima-san always has something interesting to say and the guys always like Lisa Fleming!

GT Channel Podcast on Melodeo

Now you can subscribe to the GT Channel podcast. Check it out.