Friday, February 16, 2007

Cold California

The day we arrived to LA it snowed in Malibu. It has rained almost 5 times in the 4 weeks we have been here. I don't know how the weather is usually around here but it's not as sunny and warm as I imagined. I guess this cold is pretty rare because after we moved in we found out that the heater in our house was beyond repair.
Here in these photos the workers are taking the AC unit off the roof and putting a new one on top. The surprising thing was that the old unit was probably about 30 years old and the new unit was just as big and looked exactly like the old one! Cars have become smaller, radios and music players have become smaller, phones have evolved to be smaller, TVs are thinner. Now why haven't the air conditioner units become smaller? How about the performance?
I hope this new unit delivers more power for the buck. Shouldn't they be more efficient too, just like the other devices that we surround ourselves with?

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Anonymous said...

Thats a huge air con unit, they do say that in America everything is bigger. I remember the first time I went to Hong Kong and China, the multi-story apartment blacks all having air con units on the outside. How did they get those things up there!!