Wednesday, April 18, 2007

USC Trojans Football

Most of you that know me personally are aware that I love cars but football is my passion. I played high school ball in Houston Texas where I grew up and college ball at Waseda University in Tokyo. This past weekend a few players and two coaches from Waseda came to visit USC here in LA. I helped them with logistics like booking hotels etc., and went to USC with them during the weekend.

Practice field

USC spring scrimmage

Trojan Horse

Waseda Players with coach Sam Anno

With head coach Pete Carroll

Japanese football still has a long way to go so coming to somewhere like USC to learn and absorb as much as possible was a great experience for Waseda. Waseda had been to USC 2 years ago too. Last year Waseda invited a coach to Tokyo for about a week. I hope this relationship continues as there is always so much to learn.
When I was still playing for Waseda we had the privilege of going to Yale for a whole week and practicing with the Yale coaches. Later in the week we played Keio Univ at Harvard stadium. That week Keio had practiced with the Harvard coaches for one week. Scheduling and economic constraints prevented the entire team to visit but I am confident those that came will take back everything they learned here.

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