Thursday, February 01, 2007

Pacific Coast Highway

Life in LA started 2 weeks ago. We finally found a place in Marina Del Rey.
I can get to the office in about 20 minutes going South on the 405. I can also cruise down Pacific Coast Highway. Now that I've found a house, I have to find a car! Still thinking about what to get...

トーランスのオフィスの近くを探しましたが、結局マリーナデルレイにしました。事務所までは高速を使えば20分でいけます。高速を使わない場合はこのPacific Coast Highway通称PCHを南に下っていきます。このPCHはここカリフォルニアの代表的な街道で良く映画などでも登場します。


Hans Christian said...

Is it har to get a work permit in USA? Is it easyer if I start a company in the US, and than hire my self?

Sean Morris said...

Marina Del Rey... thats close to us. PCH and the 90.

Taro said...

sean; former motorex? pch and 90 that is real close.