Saturday, February 17, 2007

Visit to HKS USA

I visited HKS USA this week. HKS has been a great partner for us for a while now. We've worked very closely with them when Nob Taniguchi comes to the US since we like to feature him in our videos.
We've worked with HKS for the XDL show and GT Live in Phoenix. In our last DVD Best Motoring International Japan VS USA Drift Off we included a HKS CDROM product catalog. This year we will be working with them for various projects.

Here's a video of Nob Taniguchi, Dai and Lisa at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

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Andy said...

HKS make some very nice stuff. Love that carbon cam cover on the DC5. How about a 1 hour special on a factory tour and setup tips from some of the manafacturers, HKS, Blitz. Tein etc.