Friday, March 09, 2007

Rocking the Best Motoring Tee

Here's me wearing the BMI signature red t-shirt. We actually have a number of different designs available. This red one was one of the very first we made about 5 years ago. The shirts are available online at the BM Store on

Recently we signed a deal with Live Sockets which has them handle all of our DVD distribution and EC logistics. Basically we, Zigzag Asia/Best Motoring International wanted to concentrate on being producers and publishers of the content. It will be more efficient for us as a business to let Live Sockets take care of stocking, taking orders and shipping DVDs and we focus on making cutting edge car content on a regular basis. So this year we are scheduled to at least release 4 DVD quarterly and maybe even one bonus or special edition somewhere in between.
The new DVD coming up in April, American Touge 3 will all be distributed by Live Sockets. These guys have been a great distributor for us in the past and it was just a natural course of action.

But all things digital and on the net will be distributed directly by Zigzag Asia/Best Motoring International. Some very exciting announcements coming up soon on that front. We have some big players in that space taking our content for digital distribution...

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