Thursday, June 08, 2006

Touge Racing at Gunma

Yesterday was another big shooting of the Touge Showdown at Gunma.
I cannot announce who won but it was definitely an exciting day out in the moutain hills of Japan. This is Power House Amuses's GT1 S2000. It's a come back for Amuse, since the Touge Monster crown is now held by RE Amemiya's RX-8.

M.C.R's Nissan Skyline GT-R. Kobayashi is said to take this thing over 275km/hour. I'm not saying where he does his testings.

Me and the monster. : ) This car is so fast it can beat Japan Rally Champ cars on the mountains.

The Acqua Impreza

Tuners and their machines ready to go!


Mark Vicuna said...

taro-san, any chance you can release some sneek-peak videos?

if not, when will the dvd be released??


Taro said...

Hi Mark, Unfortunately I cannot yet. When the DVD is released in Japan in August, maybe I can get a trailer up...the US will be after that.

Mark Vicuna said...

ok no problem, i'll just have to wait then. :)