Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Super Street July

My article about the Best Motoring/Hot Version event in Tsukuba is in the latest issue of Super Street magazine. It's called "The Wet Spot" since it was raining so hard that day. Despite the conditions it still was a pretty awesome event. When you have so many top name tuners and cars at one location, you can't go wrong.

筑波のベストモータリング・ホットバージョンイベントを取材したボクの記事が米雑誌Super Streetの今月号に掲載されました。あまりにも雨がすごかったので記事のタイトルは「WET SPOT」となっています。WET SPOTとは英語でオネショのこと・・・あれだけの土砂降りのイベントの割りにはお客さんも集まりも主催側も最善を尽くしたと思います。

On another note, Japan lost to the Aussies 1-3!
They scored 3 points in the final 10 minutes. Japan had the 1-0 for most of the game but the Australian team never gave up and just stompped all over us in the final minutes of the game...
What I couldn't understand is why Zico didn't change the players earlier. It was 30 degrees heat and obvious our guys were tired. Tsuboi got hurt and Moniwa went in. About half way through the second half, when he put Ono in, I couldn't believe he took Moniwa out who was fresher than the other guys dragging their feet. Oh well...
Now we are in a tough position from the get go. If we don't win our next two games we are coming home early.
Next game is against Croatia. Go samurai blue!

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