Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Year Karaoke Cop

We went to the Meiji jingu Shrine on new years day to wish for a good new year. It was actually my first time to go on January 1st. Mobs of people arrive just before 12:00 to throw coins and wish for a prosperous new year. You pass inch by inch through the walk way while gravel getting in your shoes, until you finally reach the main shrine. Lucky if you can throw a coin far enough to reach the collecting area. It's a traditional way to start off the year. It's just like the Western way, you do the count down in a crowded club, feet hurting from dancing and throwing money away on drinks. We went just after 3:00am and missed the peak traffic. Here we saw this police officer standing in front of a microphone. He looked like he was about to blast into a Saburo Kitajima number under the huge Japanese "ema" with the dog. 2006 is the year of the dog. The other photo is of Mount Fuji from Makuhari across the Tokyo Bay. (See Bosozoku entry) Happy new year to all.

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