Friday, January 27, 2006

Scraps Stats

Here is an interesting statistic for you.
The Japanese farm ministry announced that left over(food remaining on lunch plate) in Japan is 3.2%. Average quantity is 599 grams and left overs account for 3.2%, 19.2 grams.
The survey was conducted during Sept-Oct in 100 restaurants in Tokyo and Osaka weighing and recording 4766 meals. Vegetables were the most left over at 4.3%, fish 3.7%, eggs 3.5% and meat 3.3%. Japanese food was the most left over at 4.6%. Yakiniku, curry and Eastern food was at 3.3%. Least left over was Western food at 2.7% and Chinese at 2.8%.

I find 3.2% to be surprisingly low. Basically the Japanese are eating most of what is served. Appetite and the meal served are just about balanced. I wonder what the average quantity and left over percentage is in the US? It has got to be monstrous.

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