Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I saw in the news today that Japanese police will use paint guns with florescent paint to catch bosozoku on new years eve. For some odd reason, Japanese bosozoku from all over Japan come out on new years eve and head towards Mt. Fuji. You know just like army ants on a rampage, they just come out of no where, eating everything in their path and march straight forward to the target point. Each year, that point happens to be Mt. Fuji. In Japan the first sun rise of the year is supposed to be very lucky and many people stay up to see it. If you can see the first sun rise of the year by the tallest mountain in Japan, Mt.Fuji, that is like finding a batch of four leaf clover under a rainbow in Western standards. For the bosozoku it is the same as they too want a prosperous new year. Japanese police have been trying to catch these guys but they are slippery fish so they thought paint guns with florescent paint will help identify them at night so they can chase them down. They were even showing how they were training today. They had traffic police dress up as bosozoku and drive around while cops from vans shot paint at them. Some of these police acting as bosozoku were way to good at it. I had a really good photo of a bosozuko bike I took at Daikokufuto one night but I can't seem to find it. You'll just have to settle for this photo of some crazy bosozoku wannabes. Needless to say in the bosozoku world, the lower you crouch the badder you are.

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