Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Building the brand Best Motoring

It takes lots of time and hard work to build a brand. In our case we have dedicated 5 years to build the Best Motoring brand in North America. And a little over a year since we spun off Hot Version as a independent brand too. Best Motoring is probably one of the most repected automotive media brands in the US now. It represents the Japanese domestic market more than any other video or magazine product out there. Our competitors, Option videos is more drifting focused and tuning car entertainment video. Best Motoring takes production cars to the limits to see their true potential by bringing them out to the tracks. No other product exists where you can see top level racing car drivers racing stock production cars on the tracks. Only then you can truly see what the car manufacturers have made. I think we have been able to transfer the essence of the Japanese Best Motoring to our international Best Motoring series. Now when people hear Best Motoring, they know it is real cars, with real drivers on real tracks. No show it is. That's why it has been a trusted source for car information for the past 20 years in Japan and 5 years in the US. Most Japanese car enthusiasts know Best Motoring as the real deal.
As for Hot Version, we have done the same but with tuning cars. Not what only looks cool but what kind of tuning can really make your car perform better. Don't get me wrong, looks are a vital part of tuning and important factor but in Hot Version, we always look for balance. Balance is important when tuning a car. Most production cars are already well balanced when they come of the line. You take that base car and try to add something special to it. But many times, just adding a bolt on turbo kit can mess up your car. You need to know what needs to be done to it to make it a well balanced car. There is no simple answer to it, that is why car tuning is so fun and popular. It never ends. If your car is now faster than it was before, now you have to make sure it stops just as well. Then you need new brakes. Then you want the car to handle better, then you might want to get a new suspension kit. All of these new parts can make your car heavier, then it may be time to start looking for ways to shed parts you don't need. Tuning is not always adding parts. It sometimes, loosing parts. So this journey to making your perfect car never stops. In Hot Version we are always looking for the well balanced tuning cars. And we only showcase the best. I think we can say that although the Hot Version brand is not as well known as Best Motoring, it is considered to be one of the most respected media brands in the tuning industry. It is easy to fill pages of a nice looking tuning car for a magazine, but in a video, you can't hide the negative factors. It obviously shows if a car is handling bad, slow or not stopping when it's supposed to. That's why as the same as Best Motoring, Hot Version also means real performance when it comes to tuning cars. I think we were able to get the message out for both Best Motoring and Hot Version brands. They both mean serious car business.

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