Friday, January 20, 2006

Legacy B4 2.0GT spec B

Photo:Kyosyu Mizohata

Pulling out onto the streets of Shinjuku in the JDM Legacy B4 2.0GT spec B from Subaru the first thing that surprised me was the awesome acceleration it displayed. The power unit is a single twin-scroll turbocharged and intercooled 2 liter flat 4 DOHC 16 valve with dual AVCS. The new B4 carries the same EJ20 engine but 80% of it was redesigned along with the full model change in May 2003. The singe turbo uses top grade titanium turbines. Displacement is 1994cc with a max output of 280ps(206kW)/6400rpm. All Legacy models are AWD.
The development concept was to make a car that combines both looks and performance.
The GT Spec B receives a sportier aerodynamic front look than the normal Legacy. The interior is fitted with a MOMO airbag-equipped three-spoke steering wheel very similar to the WRX STi. The spec B models also come with aluminum pedals for aggressive driving.
As for performance, the great throttle response of the turbo system makes intercity driving easy and the 280 horses show their presence when taken out on winding roads outside of Tokyo. This mighty 4 cylinder engine and transmission mounts shows great torque and power between 3500rpm to 6500rpm.
Along with added engine power, the B4 also went through a pretty strict weight loss regime that’ll put any low carb diet to shame. The curb weight of the spec B is 1430kg, making it 60-90kgs lighter than the previous model.
The steering shows some under steer set up for conservative driving but even during tight corning at high speeds, the tires demonstrate significant grip and enough power to man handle the tires and drift through corners. The spec B grade wears 215/45R18 89W Bridgestone Potenzas. The sporty wheels and tires don’t do much for luxury driving but its obvious that’s the Subaru engineers did not set out to make a limo. This car screams GT sports sedan.

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