Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Zigzag Asia Staff

We are actually a pretty small group. Starting from the left is Masa Kuji who is our General Manager for Zigzag Asia(America) and he's also a board member of the Japanese HQ. Masa grew up in Canada and plays hockey but he's also a car nut. He was just about to cry when we sold the Tommykaira Z but it wasn't doing us much good to pick us up at LAX so we decided to sell the car. I know he used to own a Mark II in Canada, a 180 during school and an M3 before moving to LA. Next is Ken Takahashi Ken is our sales director for Zigzag Asia (America) among many other roles like chief gossip officer since he's so plugged into the import industry. Ken is also a judge for the Formula D drifting series. Ken is OG and native so he drives a big O'l American Hummer and also owns a Grand National from the 80's. For some reason, he also owns a right hand drive JDM S13 Silvia. I like driving it around town when I'm in the States. It's completely stock but it's a great little car. Next to him is Katsu Takahashi who is not related to Ken Takahashi despite their resemblance. He is our wonder guy who is in charge of practically all creative work from video editing, ads, t-shirts, DVD packages, website, stickers you name it. Katsu has been into cars and I think he's just about changed cars every year for the past 5 years. I don't even know what he is driving now. Oh, wait I think it was Citroen. Yeah, he likes European makes. Last is me, Taro Koki who is the president of Zigzag Asia Co.,Ltd in Japan and Zigzag Asia(America) located in Torrance. I live smack in the middle of Tokyo and I don’t own a car. In Tokyo there is Yuko my sister who takes care of administration and accounting. She's usually in Japan holding down the fort while Katsu and I go back and forth. This picture was taken at Willowspring immediately after our American Touge shoot. Katsu and I are back in Tokyo starting to edit AT2 and Masa and Ken are back to business as usual selling Best Motoring and Hot Version DVDs.

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