Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Porsche Cayman

Covering the Porsche Cayman was one of our objectives for this trip in late December for us. Cars for the media have only been recently released from Porsche USA. In Japan the earliest we can get our hands on it will be mid January so we decided to fly over to the US to get the first ride out of all of the Japanese media. Best Motoring scheduled for release in January will cover the Porsche Cayman. Sam Mitani a good friend of mine who is the international editor for Road & Track appears in Best Motoring for the first time as the US host for Keiichi Tsuchiya. Sam is also well known in Japan since he has a monthly column in a Japanese magazine called Xacar. He writes about the latest movements in the US auto industry and motorsports. Thanks to him we were able to make it happen this time. I would like to see Sam appear in more Best Motorings in the future. He is bilingual and knows cars across all boarders.

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