Monday, December 12, 2005

American Touge 2

All of the participants have been fixed for our second American Touge shoot in the US. We're asking all participants to arrive to Willowspring at 7am on 12/20(Tue). We have 40 cars plus. Most people will probably bring friends along so we're estimating about 100 people and cars. It should be a fun day.
All of the regulations for the cars have been posted on our web site and the forum on the site. Biggest thing the participants need to care about is tires and the drivers seat. Tires cannot be slick racing tires. You will be disqualified so please make sure to have sports radials. I say drivers seat, because owners must realize that Tsuchiya and Orido will both be driving the cars. Now Keiichi Tsuchiya is not the tallest man on earth and even though Orido is not Yao Ming their driving positions are way different. Every car MUST have adjustable seats or Keiichi will simply refuse to drive it. So please do not forget about this fact.
Other than that just having every body close to Tsuchiya and Orido will make it a real fun day. US fans seldom get to hang out with these guys so we think it'll be a great chance to meet them and also to have the cars judged by them.

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