Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Some more staff shots

Photo #1. Camera guys. Definitely people you do not want to mess with. They are the toughest of them all. There would be no video product without these guys.
Photo #2. From left. Girl drifter and model Verena Mei. Now this girl has guts. The day before the shoot, Tsuchiya asked her if she wanted to join in on the drift competition between Kazama, Rhys Millen and Ken Gushi. I wouldn't blame any hard ass to back down from that challenge but she accepted and went head on with those guys. Hats off to her. You have to buy the video to see what happened.
Middle is Ken and to his right is Tina who helped us out for the day. Tina can't drift yet but she has the looks to become a model soon.

Photo #3. 2&4 Production guys. From right, Yamada-san who is the genius that first came up with the original Touge Showdown in Hot Version. In the middle is Tanabe-san who was basically the guy who said 5 years ago, "Zigzag Asia? I have no idea who the hell you guys are but, I'll let you guys make the English version of Best Motoring". We owe it big time to him for believing in us from the beginning. Last is Mi Amigo Matsuda-san who's the production manager of these shows. Some people say his roots go back to Pancho Villa but I'm too scared to ask him in person.

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