Monday, August 14, 2006

Power Outage in Tokyo but avoids sour milk

1.4 Million house holds lost their electricty this morning in Tokyo.

It happened this morning 8/14(Mon) around Tokyo, Chiba prefecture and Kanagawa prefecture. The trains stopped, the subways stopped and traffic lights all went out. The power was back up in 3 hours.
The reasoning for this was some guy transfering a crain on the river forgot to lower the 33 meter crain and cut a power line. This power line was 16 meters from the water level.

For some strange reason, the area where I live in Shibuya was completely unaffectived. My A/C was working and the traffic lights were all fine. I was actually watching CNN about the plane that had to return back to London because of an unidentified cell phone, so I didn't know about it for a while.

When I heard about the power outage I was relieve to know it was caused by a careless mistake and not a terrorist attack. Also it's good that we got the power back in a few hours. I remember the New York power loss a few years ago took about 4 days to get back up. With this heat, that would be torture...

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