Friday, August 04, 2006

Japan VS USA Drift Off DVD on Sale

We released our latest DVD earlier this week. This one is a really exciting DVD because it features a good mix of content from Japan and the US. The main Drift Off segment is an interesting segment on drifting. Expecially when you can see the world's top drvers take out a stock MX-5 and turn it sideways. You can see the techniques and differences of each driver. It was fun as hell shooting this as you can sometimes see me in the corner of the shot having a good time. I know you will like it too.

I just read in the September '06 issue of Super Street an interview of Rhys. They ask him 10 questions and the last question was, "Who would you like to challenge on the touge?". Rhys answers,
"Keiichi "Big Talk" Tsuchiya"!
I could not help but crack up. Wouldn't that be a touge battle to remember? Pikes Peak Hill expert and Japanese touge king. Check out the DVD and you'll get why Rhys thinks KT is Big Talk. : )

We also got to check out a little car called the Solstice which Sammy from Road and Track brought. Masa and I got to drive this car around a while and we honestly thought it was pretty lousy. But wait until you see what Keiichi had to say about it. A reminder why we're not on the show and he is...

We flew back to Japan for the M5 Mercy bit. See it take on the Skyline GT-R.

Life in the Fast Lane with Orido and Taniguchi was a big bash. Basically we stuck around them while they tore up rubber all over the place. In many'll see.

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