Thursday, August 24, 2006

Oceans Men's Magazine

There's a new magazine in Japan that went on sale from February this year. A bunch of guys from a famous Japanese magazine called LEON spun off and started up a magazine called OCEANS.

The concept of LEON these days is "choi waru". Choiwaru means a little bad. There are so many men in Japan that dream to be sleezy James Bonds, cheat on their wifes and sleep with women 20 years younger than them. I guess the magazine sells because the word choi waru is now a popular slang here.

The magazine OCEANS on the other hand went the completely opposite direction. The concept is Luxury and Love or something like that. The family man that wants to live a fashionable life.
I've seen both magazines and find it hard to see the market for both magazines regarding readership and advertisers but that's just me.

Here is my dog Payton in OCEANS magazine that just came out on August 24. I'm just jealous that he got the gig instead of me...

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