Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Day In Menlo Park

I visited Masami Hirata with Taku Imasaki. Taku works at Sony Computer Entertainment and is the producer of the Gran Turismo games. He also brought his son Rio who is 2 years old. I've known Masami since I was little because our parents were very good friends. Masami works at Yahoo! HQ in Sunnyvale as the manager of international marketing and sales dev. They're my very good friends. We watched the world cup finals and had a relaxing day off.

We walked around Stanford University after having our bbq. Walk off all the food!

A proud parent taking the shot with the Ferrari. He's going to grow up to be a race car driver.

That night I drove back down town SF and had dinner with Kunihiro Tanaka and his wife Maki at Chaya. Kunihiro is also a childhood friend of mine. He works for Yamato Transport also in Menlo Park. Kunihiro was my partner in crime back in Junior High. We both went to an all boys school called Gyosei International in Kisarazu Chiba. We laughed about those days. The teachers used to hit us so hard on the head if we were bad. We joke about it now but if they did that nowadays they wouldn't get away with it. Good thing we didn't turn out (that)messed up!


skebe said...

correct spelling is "Gran Turismo"!!!

minus -10 ten!

akapen sensei

Taro said...

Oooop! Ok, I fixed it now. : )