Monday, January 15, 2007

So here is a behind the scenes shot of Lisa Flemming and Dai goofing off, off camera. We got a lot of footage of these two playing around a lot actually. I shot this with my digital camera. TAS is about having fun anyway so we want to get that feelingacross thru our videos. Should be coming up soon.

Before leaving Japan tomorrow I wanted to make sure to visit Meiji Shrine once more. It listened to my wish last year. Hopefully they are still listening this year too.

Here is my dog Payton among all of the boxes in the house. He's having the toughest time wondering where in the world everything went. Now tomorrow he has to go thru quarantine at Narita and get in a cage for 10 hours. On second thought, he's probably got it better than economy class!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move, I hope you have a good time in LA.