Tuesday, October 24, 2006

GT Channel.com Update

Our online automotive site "GT Channel(beta)" is up and running now! It has taken a long time to get here but we are so proud we were able to launch this site. This is what GT Channel offers.

1. Top quality videos starting from Best Motoring, Hot Version and the Super GT racing footage from Japan. We have original programming coming up soon! First videos from SEMA Show 06.

2. Viewer uploads of their own videos. Just like YouTube, you can upload your ride or video footage you took at events etc. Unlike YouTube, once you sign up and upload your video, you will be PAID a portion from the ad if someone clicks on the ad.

3. You can also make money by just "grabbing" the videos too. We call this syndication. Just sign up and start grabbing your favorite videos and start posting them on your blog, myspace, homepage and forums. We will also pay you a portion of the ad sales if someone clicks on the ad you syndicated.

Still some glitches here and there but GT Channel is up and running so go crazy!

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