Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sport Compact Car/Forza/Best Motoring

November 2006 Issue

A special Best Motoring DVD sponsored by Forza motorsport will be inserted in every Sport Compact Car magazine on the news stands! This is huge for us as it will help further get our name out to car enthusiasts and give them a piece of what we are all about.

The guys are Sport Compact Car are great and we really like working with them because we speak the same language. It was really quick when we decided to go with this plan because we knew we could compliment each other and also make the readers happy! This magazine hits the newsstands on 9/19 so make sure to pick one up!

特別編集のBMI DVDを米国雑誌のSport Compact Carに挿入することになりました。約20万部発行されるこの雑誌は日本車を取り扱う雑誌の中では老舗の正統派雑誌に入ります。最近はショーカーなどを取り扱う雑誌が多いなか、SCCはパフォーマンスを重視した雑誌です。
チューニングカーイベントでは東部最大のNOPI NATIONALSでも配布されるそうです。



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