Thursday, September 14, 2006


The story is out: Lonelygirl15 Is Brainchild of 3 Filmmakers

Those of you who don't know who Lonelygirl15 is:The lonelygirl15 story unfolded in a series of confessional video blogs, supposedly made by a home-schooled girl named Bree, Since June, viewers have questioned whether Bree and her friend Daniel, who also appeared in the videos, were real people or part of some larger project or promotional scheme. An ominous hint of a satanic plotline to come suggested a horror film in the making.

You can see the rest of her vlogs on YouTube and Just go and search lonelygirl15.
People didn't know if the story was fiction or real. But it was 3 film makers that made this on a shoe string budget and it became a huge hype. Interesting what the web can do. Its the Blair Witch Project of the net.
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