Monday, April 10, 2006

Buying Water

Recently the water in our office is tasting a little funny. Actually we have one of those services where they deliver you the big bottles every couple of weeks. I think it's called Crystal Clara or something like that. When we first started it was a different name. Then the guys from the water company called and said, "hey we got sold off to another company but we'll still deliver you the same quality water". That was about a year ago. Then they called a few weeks ago and and said that the filter in the server needs to be changed. "ok.." So they came and changed the filter. Now the water tastes like chlorine. Come to think of it, why in the world would this server even need a filter? The water is supposed to be clean anyway. If I want water that tastes like chlorine, I'll go to the pool. Tap water tastes better than the crap we have at our office now. I came by this pretty funny video preview from the show Bullshit on bottled water. If no one at FDA is testing the waters in the US, I wonder who's testing the waters here in Japan?
Better think twice before making that purchase of bottle water at the supermarket next time.

I thought it was a yakuza convention when I realized it was a NJP Wrestling press announcement next to the supermarket I usually shop at. Photo at center left is Masahiro Chono NJPW star.

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