Friday, March 31, 2006

American Touge 2 DVD Release!

Finally we got the AT2 DVD out today! Phew!
Here is the press release:

The videos fresh off the factory arrived to our office and we shipped out all of the pre-ordered DVDs to our dealers today. Some customers will probably get their new DVDs as early as this weekend.
I feel this DVD is a very big accomplishment since we produced it from the very start from getting the cars/tuners, video location shoot, editing and finally shipping out. Most of the time, it is only producing an English version of the J version. It has been a very cool experience for all of us at Zigzag Asia. Especially meeting everyone at Willowsprings and getting our US crowd onto the J version and bringing it back to the US means like we are really doing something we set out to do. To make that bridge between Japan and the US. I hope we will be doing more production work in the US soon. We've got some things ahead...

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