Friday, April 22, 2005

LA bound

American Touge is about to hit the streets next week and we are bound for LA again for a Best Motoring shoot this time to shoot the Ford GT. Organizing a location shoot is a really hectic process. Producers, directors, the cast and coordinators all have to work together for it to go smooth. Lucky we have Zigzag Asia (America) that basically takes care of every thing we need to in the US. Masa and Ken at Zigzag Asia (America) have been working overtime to make sure all transportation is taken care of, all the cars are in place when we need them, all filming permits and licenses are taken care of and even make sure there is lunch for everyone. This is going to be very interesting shoot since not only were we able to get a hold of the new Ford GT but we were also able to get a fully restored origianl Ford GT40 to appear as well. Talk about a blast from the past. We won't be able to go full throttle on the GT40 but we will for sure on the Ford GT. Gan-san will make sure it will be tested.
Somehow I haven't been able to upload photos onto this thing lately. It's not working.
Next, I'll put some more stuff from my trip to LA. Hasta luego.

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