Thursday, April 14, 2005

Getting Ready for Another Trip

Next week I will be leaving for the US again. Another trip to LA for a Best Motoring video shoot. This time we are test driving the Ford GT.
Also the Lexus GS430 and Infiniti M45 which have been released in the US already but still waiting to be launched in Japan. Actually I had a chance to test drive both of these cars for Road & Track SPEED back in January when they just came out. A group of us drove from LA to Las Vegas to do a comparison test. The Lexus GS430 was so nice that I forgot how fast I was going and I got stopped... I showed my international drivers license to the highway patrol officer and he took a loooong look at it without saying anything. I was telling myself " he's not going to give me a ticket". I was wrong. I'm probably the first Japanese to drive the car and probably the first to get a speeding ticket! The Speed 2005 Spring issue should hit the stands pretty soon. I'm looking forward to seeing how it came out.
Getting back to our US trip. Gan-san is our reviewer this time. He's old school but knows his stuff. Those of you who are familiar with BMI know that he's the back bone of the series. He's actually the only one left from when BM first started in Japan 15 years ago. He's really happy with how the English version BMI is doing so well abroad. Many people now recognize him at US events. When he was in LA with us last time for GT Live, he was swarmed by fans. First it kind of took him as a surprise too. But a very pleasant one.
This shoot is not a battle but just Gan-san test driving the cars. We will be at Willowsprings, Streets of Willow course on April 26. If you're interested in seeing a Japanese legend test drive an American supercar, feel free to drop by and say hello.

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